Jamplay vs Guitartricks. Which is the best online guitar lessons?

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You would most likely agree with me that Jamplay and Guitar tricks are the two best online guitar lessons. That being said, it’s very difficult for many guitarists to choose between the two. You would often hear people ask the question jamplay vs Guitartricks ? and that is exactly what we would tackle in this article.

If you have hard time choosing between jamplay and guitartricks and wondering which the best online guitar lessons for you are, keep on reading and check out our detailed guitar tricks vs jamplay and you would hopefully determine the one that is right for your guitar learning needs.

Jamplay Review

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Jamplay is arguably the best guitar lessons on the internet as it’s head and shoulders above all its competitors. This site is focused on quality and they would stop at nothing until you perfect the guitar with them in the fastest time possible while you spend less money.

If you would like to join jamply (highly recommended) here is a review of it and what you stand to benefit when it comes to learning to play the guitar;

Incredibly affordable. Lessons subscription is as low as $0.38/day or $139.95/year and cost would definitely not be an obstacle joining them.

jamplay vs guitartricks

Over 8,100 HD lessons. That is a huge resource of videos to help you learn the guitar in no time. You get full access to those lessons.

Learn from pro teachers. Another thing i like about jamplay is you get to learn from pro teachers who are the best in the industry. They currently have 72 pro instructors who undertake their duties in a professional manner. They would make sure that you learn and master the guitar.

Live Question and answer session. There are daily question and answer sessions with instructors and that is an opportunity for you to ask any question about playing the guitar that you might have.

Learn to play all types of guitars be it acoustic, electric or any other. They have teachers who specialize in each of the guitars.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced level lessons are offered. It doesn’t matter whether you are complete beginner or advanced guitarist. There are lessons for everyone.

100% money back guarantee within 7 days of subscribing to the lessons.

Online tuner, scale library, chord library, guitar tabs, jam tracks, active forum, lessons bookmarking and many more useful tools that help you learn the guitar.

Guitartricks Review

Guitartricks is an excellent online lessons website and is regarded by many as the second best online guitar lessons course after jamplay. They are pioneers and have been around since the year 1999 and is definitely a service you can trust and have confidence in.

Want a review of guitar tricks before joining them? Here are the main benefits of joining guitartricks lessons;
guitartricks vs jamplay

The most affordable guitar lessons out there. It costs you $14.95/month to access their lessons and that is the cheapest rate i have seen.

Free trial period. One thing you would like about guitartricks is their free trial period. You get 14 day free trial period and you won’t be asked to provide a credit card. If you are happy and satisfied with the lessons after the trial period is over, join them for good. If not, you’re under no obligation to join them.

Get access to over 8,000 quality lessons and those are definitely enough to see you through the entire course. In short, you won’t run out of lessons and you would definitely have lessons to keep you busy.

Professional and Qualified teachers who would make sure that you master the guitar. Having access to a qualified tutor is important in trying to learn and master the guitar and guitartricks have outstanding ones whom you can learn a lot from

All type of guitars are taught. If you are like me, you would want to learn all types of guitars (acoustic, electric, metal etc) and guitar tricks provide lessons tailored for each of them.

Online tools which include chord and scale library, Backing tracks, metronome and reference tuner.

Downloadable video lessons. This is perhaps one area guitartricks beats jamplay. You can download their video lessons and watch them whenever you need them without necessarily needing an internet connection.

60 day money back guarantee. Just ask for a refund and they would refund whatever you are owed. It is as simple as that. No worries at all.

Active forum.

Update:This Easter weekend, Jamplay is offering 50% off. You only pay $9.99 instead of $19.95 Click here and take advantage of this offer